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Thanks to the coronavirus crisis, everybody is in the house, quarantined from the world, including your favorite celebrities.

Who thankfully for us, are providing those like me that are already getting cabin fever, some free entertainment, dope hairstyle ideas, new Tik Tok dances and suggestions on what to stream online.

Like Halle Berry, Mimi Faust and her boo Ty Young are the most recent folks taking to social media to show off a new tutorial.

Last week, the L&HH: ATL couple took to Instagram to show off Ty’s “messy bun” tutorial.

“Alright guys, I got Ty here to show me and everyone else how to make the perfect messy bun,” Mimi said into the camera with a beautiful head of locks.

“Hers always looks so great, so she is going to give a tutorial on how to do it.”

According to Ty, the steps are pretty easy.

Bend over, gather your locs, grab it in a ponytail, stand up and use a pretty big large ponytail holder. For Ty, the trick is not putting all of your hair in the tie, using more than one tie and following Ty’s technique. However, Mimi is struggling a little, which makes us love her even more!

See the cute couple for yourself:


Other stars also giving us all the cute hairstyles. Including Megan Thee Stallion, who is serving up honey brown blonde tresses (and a beat face).



“Prodigal Son” and “When They See Us” actress, Aurora Perrineau who did her own braids!  “So I spent 12 hrs doing braids …because quarantine,” she wrote on IG.

Our verdict: Nothing but SKILLS!



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