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Dr. Phil has a message on how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stop Cheatin! All that humpin around spreads the disease from person to person.

Dr. Phil appeared in a video call with TMZ Live, where he shared his disgust with people that are cheating, calling them selfish, immature and reckless. Dr. Phil says it’s time for people to start making sacrifices for the greater good because we’re all in this together and that goes for cheaters continuing affairs, college kids on spring break, and religious folks cramming into churches despite the looming threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

Dr. Phil says folks lack empathy, are super entitled and live in denial….it’s time to come to grips with our new reality and start making some sacrifices, cutting out routines that are illicit or otherwise … because if not, things will only get worse for everyone.

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Dr. Phil Says Stop Humpin Around; Especially During this Pandemic!  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com