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Michael Jackson not only abused Propofol, but in the 90′s, he used a drug very similar to it specifically for the purposes of sleeping, says his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

Rowe — who will be called to the stand by AEG Live – views herself as a hostile witness, because she feels AEG is largely responsible for MJ’s death.

We’ve learned Rowe will testify … in 1997 doctors administered Diprivan (a form of Propofol) to Michael in a Munich, Germany hotel room.  We’re told Rowe will say the drug was administered specifically so Michael could sleep.  There was a full medical staff present and MJ slept under the influence of the drug for 8 hours.  This occurred on 2 days, either consecutive or 1 day apart.

The testimony is significant because AEG is trying to show MJ was the master of his own fate and had misused Propofol for years.

But we’ve learned Rowe will also say while she was married to MJ she never saw him as a raging drug addict.  She will testify he was addicted to Demerol … which he used to deal with the pain and anxiety from scalp surgeries after being horribly burned.  She says when she left Michael in July, 1997, he was not an out-of-control addict.  In fact, he had gone to rehab and was open about it.

More at TMZ.

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Debbie Rowe: MJ Abused Propofol 12 Years Before Death  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com