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If there is one IGTV video you need to watch, it’s makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s interview with Idris and Sabrina Elba. The couple spilled all the tea from their wedding day to their joint business ventures. And it’s enough to put a battery in anyone’s back to make the most out of the pandemic.

That’s right, while the couple has been pretty mum about their endeavors, the duo bared all with Tilbury, who was actually the makeup artist behind Sabrina’s stunning wedding day look.

In a 45-minute long conversation, the couple gave us a few gems to live by. And of course, one of the main topics was none other than the pandemic.

“You have to stay positive for your mental wellness just with everything going on,” Sabrina shared. “And I heard Ava Duvernay, which is someone that I look up to, she said in an interview that she doesn’t want to call it a crazy year, she doesn’t want to call it a bad year, she wants to call it an important year. Because of everything that has happened and how we’ve all educated ourselves, and I thought there was so much truth in that. You have to always be positive and look at this as a time we’ll all remember, and know what have we learned from it and how has it contributed to our self-growth.”

We completely agree. With so much that has transpired over the last few months, now more than ever it’s important to know who you are and how to use what you’ve learned to be the best version of yourself.

In addition, the couple also shared their philanthropic efforts with the United Nation’s International Fund for Agriculture Development.

“The world’s perspective on Africa, has always for decades sort of been about famine and flies,” Idris shares. “That continent is one that has so much to discover and so much to give the world and what we’re realizing is that it’s probably one of the biggest and fastest economy’s in the world. That said there is still people that suffer from hunger. We teamed up with the U.N. to focus on agriculture. We’re trying to get farmers to be able to feed themselves, make markets for themselves and economy’s for themselves and their future generations.”

Aside from the charitable efforts, the couple has decided to become business partners with the launch of the lifestyle brand S’able Labs, that focuses on the power of coupledom. The mission is to create a global community that celebrates partnerships from romantic couples, business partners, friends and more that’s a safe space for all, with the hopes of creating a gender-neutral marketplace in the future.

“We started with the podcast that we put on hold due to COVID19, so we shifted gears with Instagram Live,” Sabrina shares. “We’ve been talking to couples who inspire us and many have been sending in videos that we have on Instagram. We’ve really been dissecting what makes them work, what advice they might have for other people.”

As a source of inspiration, the duo is asking couples all over the world to share their stories of how they make they bring their shared visions and dreams into fruition.

While COVID19 has taken a toll on the world, there are plenty of way you can still connect and make a difference. And Idris and Sabrina are living proof.


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