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Dear Tom,

My little sister is a single mom and an air force veteran who taught fitness and hand-to-hand combat.  She suffered a head injury, which led to about 20 years of mini-migraines.

Tiana got a degree in finance and went to work for the University of Miami as a junior development officer.  Her job was raising funds, throwing parties & hosting events.  She did that until about 7 years ago when she experienced a stroke.  Her doctor’s told her she needed a change of pace – you know how Miami can be with those parties!

To get a fresh start, she found a similar position at the University of North Carolina and moved there with her daughter, Amani – who is now 10.  Unfortunately, the mini-migraines started up again and my sister had another stroke causing her to go on disability for a year.

She was excited when the doctors said she could return to work.  She didn’t waste any time job-hunting and went on a few interviews almost right away.  I was so proud of her when she told me that she found a 9 to 5 job with IBM in the mortgage & bankruptcy division.

Sometimes it takes a great suit to give you the confidence you need to shine brighter, so i am hoping you can help her out with some new work clothes.  Tiana’s first day of work is on March 31st – which is also her 39th birthday.


THURSDAY MORNING MOM: Tiana Beasley  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com