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Only time will tell if Williams can help the Republican Party connect with black voters. Black Enterprise just named him one of “10 Black Republicans You Probably Don’t Know But Should.”

NAACP Colorado Political Action Director James Johnson told reporters that Marble was guilty of reinforcing racial stereotypes, at the very least.

“To bring it down to fried chicken and BBQ is insulting not just to a race of people but to all the people of Colorado,” Johnson said. “This task force is doing good work to address poverty, but these comments are a distraction.”

Meanwhile, Marble released a statement claiming that her racist remarks were taken out of context, and not meant to disparage any community.

Marble’s comments were not taken out of context; she knew exactly what she was saying – and she said it anyway. There was no real outrage from Republicans anywhere – not even from Raffi Williams.

If the Republican Party has any shot at all at wooing black voters, the GOP needs to start by calling out people like Marble when they make racists comments.

So far, the GOP campaign to court black voters is – as usual – long on marketing and short on substance.

“I think it’s a great opportunity, and it’s something that’s really exciting to me.” Williams told reporters. “The RNC is really trying to do great things and reach new communities, and I want to be on the ground level of that.”

“The challenge is, in the recent past the Republican Party hasn’t done a great job of reaching out to minority communities,” he said. “We’re going to have to start rebuilding that, and start really engaging with these communities. … We haven’t really done much more than lip service.”

For once, I agree.

ANALYSIS: Colorado Republican: Blacks Are Poor Because They Eat Fried Chicken  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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