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*Do Not Use* Jordyn Woods Fall Fashion Edit (Do Not Use)

Source: Antwon Maxwell / Antwon Maxwell

If you’re one of Jordyn Woods’ loyal 11.6 million followers on Instagram, you’ve had a front-row seat into her bold and exciting style evolution through the years. From snake print bodycon dresses paired with Yves Saint Laurent bags to army fatigue hoodies matched with classic black leggings and a pair of black and red Air Jordans, Miss Woods surely knows how to keep it beat, slayed, and snatched in every department.

With a faux mink collection with Eylure Lashes and a partnership with Easilocks and Shane to produce her first ever hair extensions line, Easilocks Hair Extensions, Jordyn Woods is building an impressive brand in both beauty and fashion, all while keeping her followers (and the press) anticipating her next look.

 ***Cover Story: Jordyn Woods: Good Girl Gone Baddie***

We caught up with the body positive role model and beauty influencer for our debut digital issue to talk about how her style has evolved with her brand, how she plans to take care of her hair as the seasons change, and how she would best describe her personal style.

HelloBeautiful: With social media influence comes fashion and style, and you’re always dressed, beat and snatched. How would you say your sense of style and fashion has evolved alongside your brand?

Jordyn Woods: When I was younger, I never really felt like I fit in. I was always the bigger girl. I didn’t really care about fashion. I didn’t really pay attention to it because I just felt like there wasn’t anything out there for me. I felt like there wasn’t anyone that looked like me.

As I started evolving into the woman I was becoming, modeling and getting more involved in the fashion industry, I kind of felt like there’s a certain image you have to upkeep and I wanted to really do that for myself.

As time went on, I just started experimenting, trying new things and trying on things I never thought I could. And in the process, my confidence just grew and I started trying everything. My style is still evolving. I think I’m just now somewhat figuring it out, but you can catch me in sweats and athleisure on most days.

What would you say are three words that describe your style?

(Pauses) Hmmm, that’s a good question because my style is always changing. Throw “sexy” in because why not? (laughs). Comfortable. I would say maybe “sporty.”

*Do Not Use* Jordyn Woods Fall Fashion Edit (Do Not Use)

Source: Antwon Maxwell / Antwon Maxwell

I was gonna say “sexy, sporty and comfortable” because you’re one of those girls who can turn sweatpants into something really chic, yet make it really approachable. I like it.

Yeah, I think that’s me.

What’re some of your fall fashion staples and must-haves as the seasons change?

Fall is actually my favorite season, my birthday is on the first day of fall. Honestly, I really love coats. I love coats and can’t wait to be able to wear them even though I’m in L.A. You don’t really get to wear them too much, but I really love big jackets. I think I have more jackets in my closet than anything else.

The color schemes for fall are some of my favorite colors and they’re just warm. I’m excited for the leaves to change and the pumpkin spice to be in the air. Though I don’t know what kind of Halloween we’re going to be able to have.

(Laughs) Probably not one.

Right, probably one inside of your home. I think the big coats and the fall tones are my favorite things. I don’t really wear many scarves, but I think I’m gonna start wearing scarves.

Scarves are always a good option. They’re a nice accent to whatever shirt you’re wearing, especially if it’s a nice minimalistic shirt and you just want to throw on something extra. That’s always a good look.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna get some scarves!

*Do Not Use* Jordyn Woods Fall Fashion Edit (Do Not Use)

Source: Antwon Maxwell / Antwon Maxwell

What is a fall trend that you absolutely love and what is a fall trend that you wish would go away?

I don’t really know of any trends that I don’t like. A fall trend that I love for beauty, I really like a deep lip like a burnt orange or maroon. I love the nail color options; olive green is a good one, chocolate brown – ooh, now I’m getting excited for fall! (laughs) There’s just a lot of good options. 

Summer is usually all about the protective styles for us – braids, wigs and weaves. How do you typically take care of your hair in the fall season when the air density is changing and winds are picking up?

Protective styles are always the best option. It’s just making sure that your hair stays hydrated so it’s good to do a hair mask either every week or couple of weeks. Keep your scalp oiled and if I know it’s gonna be windy, I try to just wear a hat or put my hair back so it’s not flying around. I have zero patience for hair sometimes, so I think protective styles regardless of the season are always a good option.

I’ve also been getting into a lot more natural hair care, taking care of my hair and it’s grown remarkably just in the past few months by me taking note as to what works and what doesn’t work and really leaving it alone for the most part. I realize my hair grows best when I just don’t touch it too much.

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