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Dear Tom,

My mother, Ida Fleming is a loving, sweet person who raised me as a single mom.   she was a very out-going person, until about ten years-ago when she was diagnosed with spinal Stenosis and Neuropathy which causes pressure on the her spinal cord along with weakness, numbness and pain from nerve damage to her hands and feet.

In February 2015, breast cancer was detected in my mother.  She underwent surgery which went well until two days later when her lungs filled with fluid and she developed congestive heart failure. Two days after that, she was in ICU when her blood pressure dropped dangerously low and her heart rate became too high.

Tom, my mom is now home and thank God is doing pretty good.   However, it does cause her body a lot of strain when she climbs the stairs to get to her bedroom to rest.   Her physical therapist has suggested that a recliner would be better to sit in for her situation.

It is my Christmas Wish to set up her living room downstairs with a comfortable recliner that she can prop up her feet to relax and watch TV and a sofa bed that I can pull-out at night for her when she feels too weak to make it up the stairs to sleep.

My mother worked hard during her early years and i would really like to see her enjoy her later years as much as possible.

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