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Dear Tom,

My sister Harriet has had a rough time lately.  She is the mother of two children and as a single mother she did the best job possible. She suffered a stroke 10 years ago at the age of 45 and as a result also had a craniotomy and was in Nero ICU for about 2 weeks on a vent.  We thought we were going to lose her but she made a miraculous recovery, although she ended up disabled. She has had a tough time dealing with her ill-health at such a young age.

Recently, Harriet was diagnosed with gastric cancer and has had much of her stomach removed, as well as some of her pancreas and small intestine.   She now undergoes radiation therapy five days a week and chemo once a week.  Unfortunately, she is back in the hospital this week due to complications in her Chemo Port.  She really could use some cheering up.

Harriet is on disability and living on practically nothing.  Her adult children and I are helping her as much as we can to support her both emotionally and financially.    However, times are tough for all of us as we struggle to meet our own responsibilities, as well as her needs.  Sadly, at the same time she is dealing with serious health issues her appliances have gone down one at a time.  For someone with very little strength this is a tragedy.  It is my Christmas wish for her to receive a new washer and dryer and dish washer, if at all possible.  Her washer is old and her dryer takes all day to dry her laundry.  She says she has lots of pain and can no longer stand at the sink to wash her dishes!  Please, any assistance you could offer her will be greatly appreciated.

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