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1. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Donald Trump

What You Need To Know:

Just days after a campaign stop designed to talk directly with African American voters in Atlanta, Donald Trump scuttled whatever progress he made Friday with his response to race relations during Tuesday night’s debate.

2. Black College Freshman Awakened by Armed Police After False Report

What You Need To Know:

In the early morning hours of September 14, 18-year-old college freshman Christin Evans was awakened from her sleep by a team of armed campus police officers.

3. Coronavirus Update: 1 in 1,000 African Americans Have Died from Coronavirus

What You Need To Know:

During Tuesday’s presidential debate, viewers found it difficult to clearly understand the candidates’ positions on important issues, but one statistic mentioned by Joe Biden is especially daunting.

4. Sisters in the Skies Aims to Inspire Young Black Girls to Fly

What You Need To Know:

Currently, there are less than 150 professional Black women pilots in the U.S. that hold a license to fly commercially, representing less than 1% of all professional pilots in the U.S. This fact has motivated some to bring about change.

5. Here’s Why Artists Are Parting Ways With Their Song Catalogs

What You Need To Know:

It was once believed that rap and hip-hop would be a passing fad, yet those genres along with R&B have dominated the last decade of music and people are betting big on the future worth of nostalgia listening.

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WATCH: What You Need To Know — October 2, 2020: Two Steps Back for Donald Trump — Sisters in the Skies — Coronavirus Update  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com