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We’re just supremely unable to deal with all of the ridiculousness that has fallen out of Stacey Dash’s mouth for the last couple of years. We’re so over it, we need gifs.

Ever since she was booted from “Single Ladies,” Stacey has apparently focused her career on being the pretty, pretty face of Black conservatism. Parroting all the awful t it’s a role that’s really paid for her as she’s become a contributor for FOX News. We should have known there was going to be trouble, when Stacey tried to go all pin-up girl in support of Mitt Romney’s run for the White House.

Whether she’s speaking on protests in Ferguson or shrugging of the real issue of gender equality, Stacey doesn’t want to acknowledge that wide swaths of the population do face systematic discrimination. Let’s not forget the times that she said “naughty girls” get raped and accused Jay Z and Beyoncé of funding communism.

When you have to listen Stacey, there’s often a pattern of reactions. At first, Stacey’s statements seem so off that you believe she’s got to be joking, so you get a good chuckle. It has to be satire because no Black woman in America can be this out of touch. This has to be the best commitment to a character you’ve seen since Stephen Colbert.

Then you realize Stacey’s NOT joking and she is completely serious about everything she’s said. Ever…

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Then you just have to marvel at how ignorant she sounds because she is so serious in her convictions. It’s almost painful to listen, so you just zone out.

When you do tune back in, you have but one of two reaction.

And you really wish, she’d just stop talking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you’d love it she immediately (and indefinitely) exercised her right to remain silent.


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