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This 2020 Election for so many reasons will be a historic election.  Some are trying to gain votes for their favorite candidate by hook or crook however they obviously didn’t realize there are voting laws and for them trying to hook voters make them a crook that can be put in jail.

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Two men were indicted in Cuyahoga County, 54-year-old John Burkman from Virginia and 22-year-old Jacob Wohl of California on charges related to a voter intimidation scam that targeted Black voters in Cleveland and East Cleveland.  Each man was indicted on eight counts of telecommunications fraud and seven counts of bribery after using a voice broadcasting service provider to make more than 67,000 calls to people in minority communities across the Midwest, according to a press release.  Read More

For those of you that didn’t think your vote mattered there’s your proof that it does otherwise someone would be trying to scam away your vote.  #ThinkAboutIt


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