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Candace Owens — the infamous, self-hating conservative Black talking head who has a history of sympathizing with Hitler and blaming Black people for the police killing them — inexplicably suggested that Lil Wayne‘s endorsement of Donald Trump lends credence to her decidedly failed so-called “Blexit” campaign to purge Black voters from the Democratic Party.

Wayne caught a lot of folks off-guard Thursday with his stated public support of Trump’s campaign to be re-elected. But Owens reacted through a series of tweets that shows she feels vindicated by the rapper’s endorsement of her preferred candidate.

The brakes are off. It’s been 60 years of Democrat lies. Get on the #BLEXIT train, or get left behind,” she quote-tweeted Lil Wayne’s Twitter endorsement of Trump that was accompanied by a pht f them both holding their thumbs up and smiling for the camera.”

Ironically enough, she added, “We are not a monolith,” an eyebrow-raising statement considering the fact that she is the one actively lobbying for all Black people to become registered Republicans.

She followed that up with a tweet suggesting she believes she is at least partly responsible for what she wants people to think is an increased number of Black people supporting Trump.

“The whole mood is changing in black America right now. To all of you that laughed and said it would never happen… thank you for keeping me in this fight,” she also tweeted. “My haters have always been my biggest source of inspiration.”

As purported proof of her claim, she attached a video of a random rapper wearing a red MAGA hat rhyming about her and espousing many of her anti-Black talking points.

Owens, of course, has been exposed multiple times as a con artist who is simply following the money.

The truth of the matter is that her Blexit campaign has been an abject failure on every level possible. That was more than confirmed in August when a poll was released showing that a higher number of Black voters are rallying around the current Democratic ticket than they did four years ago.

The CBS News poll found 90 percent of Black voters identified themselves as being pro-Biden versus 6 percent of Black voters supporting Trump. That was in comparison to the 72% percent of Black voters who supported Hillary Clinton at the same time in 2016.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that wens would have been humbled by the Republican National Convention snubbing her while inviting a parade of other conservative Black folks to speak. Instead of using her to spread their lies, Republicans trotted out some of their other usual Black suspects as well as some new ones, suggesting Owens’ 15 minutes of infamy could finally be expiring.

Considering that Owens told Fox News in 2018 that “Blexit is the black exit from the Democratic Party,” it would seem that nearly two years later, her so-called movement has failed miserably, to put it mildly.

Not to mention, Owens has also consistently defended white people who kill unarmed African Americans — Ahmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor and George Floyd, for starters — and even once offered sympathetic view of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler while speaking in public.

It even got to the point where young Black conservatives — Owens’ bread and butter who she recruits for her failed initiatives like Blexit — denounced her over her slander of Arbery, an unarmed Black man who was jogging when a group of white men racially profiled him, armed themselves, followed him, trapped him and shot him dead in the street in broad daylight earlier this year.

But here she is, still shooting her shot in hopes she’ll be accepted by a Republican Party that has made no secret of its disdain for Black and brown people not just in America but also around the world.

2020 has absolutely no chill.


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