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Another day, another app. As someone who owns and operates her own business, I wasn’t too sure I could keep up with another app to promote myself. Instagram alone requires a lot of attention. Once TikTok came around, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall down that rabbit hole of uploading videos of me attempting to entertain the world.

I heard some general buzz about a new app named Clubhouse. My friend texted me frantically saying, “Marsha, you NEED to be on this! It’s perfect for your brand!” Rolling my eyes at the thought of another app, I downloaded it and let it sit on my home screen for about 2 weeks. This past Sunday, my friend called me up to see if I joined the new online community. I had forgotten all about it. In an hour long conversation, she explained all the reasons I needed to set up an account on Clubhouse. “I watched a girl get funding for her business just by joining a Clubhouse room.” That’s all I needed to hear. She sent me an exclusive Clubhouse invitation, and just like that, I joined the secret world of audible chatrooms that is changing the face of social media.

So, what is Clubhouse?

Imagine you’re walking down the hall of an enormous building. As you stroll, there are various doors with great conversations happening on the other side. You have the option of walking into a room, listening to the conversation, participating in the conversation, and then leaving to join another room.

The rooms are designed in 2-3 tiers. The stage allows you to be a speaker/moderator. That’s where the host and moderator sit. The host usually positions themselves as an expert, so they’re there to provide information or resources. Depending on the vibe of the room, it can be a Q&A type of situation. For example, if the host is a psychic, they’ll bring someone on the stage that may have a question or need clarity on something. The room can also be a space to chill and congregate. Think of your homeroom class in high school.

In order to get to the stage, you have to use the ‘raise your hand’ feature. The moderator will let you on, and when it’s your turn to speak, you do your thing.

The second tier is like a VIP section. It features the people in the room who follow the speakers on stage. If there are no people who follow the moderators, then the VIP section is empty.

The third tier is for the audience. Think regular admission. From the audience, you can raise your hand to join the stage, or you can be a spectator.

Each room is different.

There’s a room for everyone. If you’re a beauty lover, there are spaces dedicated to connecting you to resources. There are rooms that allow you to promote your business. You can also find rooms centered around affirmations and manifestation. Single? There’s a room for that too. This app creates spaces for just about any person out there. I’ve been in rooms that allow me to talk one-on-one with celebrities and I’ve been in rooms where the discussion was about aliens. The room possibilities are endless. Clubhouse allows you to talk about any and everything to the people willing to listen. No faces, just your voice.

Why Clubhouse?

This app is basically networking on acid. Here, you have access to free resources that you’d normally pay big bucks for. People have forged business relationships by connecting with top-notch professionals. I’ve had the privilege of sitting on the stage with doctors, producers, beauty gurus, fashion designers, psychics, and advocates. You can find every type of person on Clubhouse and because it’s new, people are really open to sharing their wealth of knowledge.

How do you join?

Clubhouse is still in beta testing. This adds to the exclusivity of the app. In order to join, someone who is already on the app must invite you. I heard that people are spending thousands of dollars to experience the audible chatrooms. Establishing your presence on the app while it’s in beta, will help you grow a strong following once the app is available to all users.

If I get an invitation, should I join?

Joining Clubhouse was probably the best move I could’ve made for my business. I now have access to so many people with the same interests as me. It is a great marketing tool for self-promotion. If you’re a business owner, I’d absolutely encourage you to turn that invitation into an official Clubhouse member.

If you don’t have a business, but have an interest in anything at all, I’d join the app also! The conversations are endless. Keep in mind, you’re dealing with real people. Each room carries an energy. Some rooms are well organized with structured moderators, and others are a bit all over the place. There are trolls, negative Nancys, and people who thrive on stirring the pot. Overall, the app is structured in a way gives you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Everything isn’t for everybody. TikTok isn’t my speed, but Clubhouse is definitely something I can dive into. What do you think? Have you tried the new and exclusive Clubhouse app?


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