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I am a living witness when I say the biggest thing you can do to live a more healthy lifestyle is to change your diet.

Yes, you’ve heard it before but not from me! Being a mother of two is a job, but getting my body back to its old self, was even more work. Since I am always helping my son learn remotely, while caring form 5 month old, and working from I honestly don’t even have the inspiration to work out!

I know its an EXCUSE but hear me out, I really don’t have anywhere to go since outside isn’t really opened back up, so why workout right…..but here the key. oNe thing I have done is changed how I EAT, what I consume and literally pounds have been falling off off. Ive gone from 152lbs to 147lbs in the past TWO Weeks, not to mention how clear my head feels form just eating right!

I am an advocate for people that say you are what you eat!!! You are also whatever you FOCUS on the most. So to Change your Life you have to Change your diet!

Heres an example:

Drop the starch, carbs, heavy red meats, and pick those veggies, fruits with minimal sugar, 8 cups of water a day, grab some protein

Need some good meal idea click HERE

Remain CONSISTENT with it, and watch the change occur.

Micah Dixon, Daily Dose of Dope, Change your Diet Change you Life  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com