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LisaRaye McCoy

Source: BET, All Rights Reserved / BET, All Rights Reserved

When I told my mother that I was interviewing LisaRaye McCoy, she flipped out to say the least. It’s incredible to know that LisaRaye’s impact in the entertainment industry travels well across generational lines. My earliest memory of the actress, model and entrepreneur is staying up past my bedtime with my mother to catch new episodes of the CW’s All Of Us where McCoy starred as Neesee James opposite Duane Martin. However, when my mom hears LisaRaye, she thinks of her role as Diana “Diamond” Armstrong in the 1998 cult classic The Players Club.

It would be an understatement to say that LisaRaye McCoy has a brand and personality that shines through on the red carpet, on screen and even on our 20-minute telephone call. Excitedly, we fed off of one another’s energy and McCoy let me in on how she’s been holding up amidst the pandemic (it hasn’t really affected her much.) Between rekindling her relationships with her mother, daughter and granddaughter and finding time to work out and cook new recipes, LisaRaye McCoy is taking advantage of being indoors with her family in the most positive ways possible.

The Chicago native has not let the stay-at-home orders put a wet blanket over her flame and has since been up and active on Zoom calls. The “Single Ladies” actress can be seen every Monday as a co-host on FOX Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens” alongside Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson and Claudia Johnson or preparing for a few projects of her own including the BET premiere of “Holiday Heartbreak” starring Michael Colyar, AJ Johnson, DeWayne “Kountry Wayne” Colley, and B. Simone.

Prior to the premiere of “Holiday Heartbreak,” McCoy opened up about the straight-to-TV film, her skincare secrets for the winter including facial steaming and even a throwback convo about her role in Players’ Club

BET’s “Holiday Heartbreak”

“This film is such a feel-good, funny, revengeful type of movie about karma. We all know ‘what goes around, comes around.’ We all have an ex that we feel has done us wrong and we wish one time or another some illness on him. In this case with “Holiday Heartbreak,” Michael Colyer plays the lead as one of my exes, he breaks my heart and for [my character], it’s like, ‘You’re gonna get payback through someone that’s close to you. Your daughter’s gonna fall in love with an a**hole just like you and you’re gonna feel it!’ He has to break that curse and I’m like this high priestess that casts a spell on him of his womanizing ways and realizing how hurtful it has been to several people that he’s been with in his past.

LisaRaye McCoy

Source: BET, All Rights Reserved / BET, All Rights Reserved

She’s No Virgin, But She’s Heaven-Sent

“I’ve been wearing white now for seventeen years and it doesn’t even seem like that. People don’t believe that it’s harder to wear one color as opposed to just throwing some blue and brown together. White comes in many shades: you’ve got winter white, white white, off white, cream white. It’s strange to say that I absolutely know all of my pants and where they are [because] I’m very organized like that. 

What I find fascinating about me wearing white is that I always manage to look different. I think that’s a skill because you can look the same in white. A white pair of jeans is a white pair of jeans, but I have a very unique way of styling and accessorizing myself that allows me to look different whether it’s my belts, my purse, my shoes, my hat with a little bit of color in it. White is just what needs to touch my body. It wasn’t a spiritual thing when I first got into it, but now I say, “Hell, I’m definitely not a virgin but I might be an angel.” It wasn’t something I [did] to make myself different, it was really divided because I [didn’t want to] think about what colors, what to put on and what to wear. I did myself a disjustice because now it’s even harder, but it just makes me feel good. It’s crisp, clean, elegant, classy and I just love it!

Her Beauty Hacks For Flawless Skin And Nails

I’ve been doing some beauty regimens that I wouldn’t be able to consistently do had we not been in COVID-19, which is steaming my face. I drink this concoction that I boil with oranges, lemon, pineapple, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric with a little bit of apple cider vinegar. It keeps your immune system clean and boosts it. While it’s boiling with the peels and all, I put my face over it and inhale it, intake it through my nose and for my skin. I’ll steam my face and I’ll make sure that I’m moisturized. I moisturize a couple times a day even when I pass the mirror and I feel like I’m dry under my eyes and especially around my smile lines because I have deep smile lines. That means I’ve been smiling a lot all my life so that’s a good thing. I put oil on my cuticles because I’m forever pushing my cuticles back and even underneath my nails, I push the skin down. I have nice nails and sometimes when we hide them with gel or acrylic, we forget how nice our nails are. 

How The Player’s Club Made Her Own Her Body 

“I did find it important to ask Ice Cube for a trainer because I wanted to be a little bit more toned. As I was doing my research on dancers and strippers back then, their thighs were strong like Megan Thee Stallion’s knees. I was like, “I’m gonna need some upper body strength here to do this pole work, do some squats here and some reps there so my thighs can look like I’ve been doing this.” He graciously gave me a trainer for about 6-8 weeks and it was absolutely great for my stamina, for the long hours of filming because it was my first major role and it kept me on point.  

It was a stress reliever and set the tone for me now because I have continued that regimen to this day and age – literally age – and I’m always working out. I love boxing and it allows me to get out some aggression and stress. It keeps me on my diet and when I say diet, it’s about watching what I eat and the calorie intake. I’m not really on a diet per say but I do a lot of detoxing and juicing. Detoxing from when I’m having that sugar rush and I’m eating candy at nighttime or potato chips. Now, maturity has kicked in for my body constantly because being older allows me to accept what I have and not change that for anyone other than myself. 

Knowing that I am on TV helps because I’m vain and I work with my body and face so of course I want to keep that up as most as possible, but I have a pocket or two of cellulite. I have a dimple or two somewhere that wasn’t there a couple years ago, like “where the hell did that come from?”I have one that’s on my left outer thigh that’s never gone anywhere but it’s mine, it’s there and if they’re looking at that, then they’re looking at the wrong thing. Maturity has allowed me the confidence I need for my body  nowadays.”


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