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Messiah and Domani Start From The Bottom

Messiah and Domani were ready to get into the wide world of fashion so Tip decided to set them up with an internship at his company, Hustle Gang. Domani didn’t think that working for his Pops would be that hard, after all his dad owned the company so how hard could it be barking out orders and watching all of the employees do the work, right? Wrong! Tip made sure that Domani and Messiah learned the true meaning of “started from the bottom” and were treated like a typical intern! No handouts here! Tip said it best, in order to be the best CEO you must learn every position in your company. MESSAGE!

Domani and Messiah took a lesson in folding clothes, filing orders and working in the back room. Messiah seemed to pick up everything rather quickly while Domani on the other hand figured that when he started his own clothing company he would just hire people to do all the work for him. In the famous words of Kevin Hart, “he gon learn today!”

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