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On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives”, it was time for all of the tension that had been brewing between Tami and the rest of the ladies to finally be released. While Tami was working on controlling her anger, she made it clear that she was no Mother Theresa and if she was pushed far enough, that “old Tami” would come back and pop someone! Whew chile, where do we even begin…


Shaunie, Ev’s daughter, has made it extremely clear that she was no fan of her mother’s relationship with Chad and actually never really liked the guy in the first place. When Ev was photographed holding hands with Chad at an appreciation dinner on last week’s episode, Ev decided to have a sit down with her daughter to see how she felt about the situation. Shaunie assured her mom that she wasn’t concerned about the photographs because she knew her mom was in a smarter place than she was a few months prior. Ev told her daughter that she would “never in life deal with that again” and we sure hope that’s true.  Ev then told her daughter that she married Chad because they had a great thing going on and she really loved him. Shaunie’s response? “Flopped! Like a pancake!” SMH.

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