Dear Tom,

My name is Amanda Lewis and I am asking for a Christmas wish for my children and step children.   My husband, Julian and I have been married a few years and have combined our large, happy families into one. This year we have 9 children, 4 little ones and 5 teenagers, getting ready to start a new school year in a few weeks.

Julian and I have had a rough financial year, with his diabetes causing him increasing health problems and being disabled making our finances very minimal.  He is an amazing father and without him I would be lost.    He takes care of getting the kids to all the doctors, activities, and back and forth to school.   I work full-time, however, recently we had to move causing even more of a financial burden.

My Christmas wish is that our 9 children could get school clothes and supplies.    It is very expensive to buy clothes for kids these days and we are forced to tell our children no way more than we ever want too.

If you could help out with getting them ready for school this year that would be the best blessing that we could ask for.  Thank you for all you do for all the families and individuals you help—you are a true blessing.

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