Tyra Banks is firing back at some wig companies that have been using her name to enhance the curb appeal of certain wig styles without her permission.

According to TMZ, the model-turned-mogul just filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County against 10 companies that make wigs, claiming they’re all biting her “name, photograph, image, and identity,” as well as her trademarks.

Several of the companies have Tyra’s photos and Tyra-inspired wigs on their websites. For example, there’s “The Yaki straight [Tyra-Banks style] wig (pictured below)” the “Tyra Banks custom lace wig #046,” and the “Tyra Banks inspired human hair wig,” which goes for $300.

The Yaki straight [Tyra-Banks style] wig

According to TMZ, a portion of the lawsuit lays out how valuable her trademark is because she’s so well known. As proof, she attached all 11 pages of her IMDB profile as Exhibit A.Banks is suing for an injunction to stop the sale of the infringing products, and at least $10 million in damages.

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