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I remember buying my first Jodeci album, and playing it in my ride.  I was blown away by the way they put rough and rugged together to sound so sexy.  Not gonna front, when i played it in the car, most of my female friends was own it.  So I bought the next one, and even K-ci & JoJo’s first solo album.  Good music as well.   It’s been a while since you really jammed to some dope K-Ci & JoJo music, right? Luckily, the duo has a hot single out right know,  and seems to be shooting up the grown and sexy charts.  Me being a DJ, I have slipped it into my rotation and most people step, bop, or just bob their head to it. What ever life trials made them stop and how ever they may have gotten back to this point.  Even looks a lil older in the video, but you can’t front on the music.   NEW ALBUM COMING SOON… CLICK THE LINK TO WATCH THE NEW SINGLE K-CI & JOJO “KNOCK IT OUT”:   

“SAY WORD” TJMS~ NEW VIDEO SOUND OF THE DAY… K-CI & JOJO “KNOCK IT OFF”  was originally published on oldschool955.com

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