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June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and there are so many ways to celebrate! Whether you’re part of the community or simply want to show support as an ally, Pride Month is the perfect chance to celebrate the LGBTQ+ people in your life.

If you’re hitting a Pride celebration this month and you want to look the part, popular YouTube makeup artist Anika Kai has the perfect rainbow-inspired eyeshadow tutorial to make your Pride look pop. As many know, the rainbow flag is associated with the LGBTQ+ rights movement with each color representing a different aspect of life: red is for life itself, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony and peace, and purple for spirit. Because the rainbow flag is so important, you definitely want to make sure you get your rainbow makeup look perfect for such a joyous celebration, and with these simple steps, Anika will have you ready to hit the streets and show the world your true colors in no time!

Step 1: Block out your brows and add a base for your eye shadow.

Step 2: Take your favorite white base and draw the shape of a winged liner.

Step 3: Go in with a Q-Tip and Micellar Water to clean up the shape.

Step 4: Blend out the creaminess of the base with a flat shader brush.

Step 5: Grab your eyeshadow palette and prepare to apply it in the typical rainbow colors.

Step 6: First up, apply the red shadow and make sure none of the white base is peaking through.

Step 7: With the same brush, apply the orange next to the red. You want to slightly overlap those colors so you get a nice blend.

Step 8: Next, apply the yellow. green and blue and finish off the end of the wing with purple.

Step 9: Once your eyeshadow is done, you can add your favorite eyeliner, mascara, and lashes.

Step 10: Once your eyes are complete, it’s time to tackle the face. Use concealer under the eyes and along the winged liner to really enhance its shape.

Step 11: Define your brows using your favorite brow pomade and set the brows using a clear brow gel.

Step 12: Apply your favorite foundation all over your face and go back in with concealer to bring out the high points.

Step 13: After blending the concealer, go in with a darker foundation to contour your face along the cheekbones, jawline, and sides of your nose.

Step 14: Take a bit of bronzer and highlighter to kiss your face and add color.

Step 15: Apply your favorite lip liner and gloss (TIP: Overlining the lips creates an extra pouty look).

And with that, you’re ready for Pride!

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