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Bathe Brand

Source: Bathe Brand / Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown is a herbalist, creative, and founder of Bathe Brand, a clean body care line that elevates the art of taking a bath. Her hyper-spiritual lifestyle led her to birth a company that would make time in the bathroom a life-changing experience.

After losing out on a coveted job offer, Tiffany wanted to do a ritual that would help her reconnect to her emotional self, while healing her body. “I’d just lost my dream job and was struggling with issues around identity and spirituality. I was also developing a painful skin disorder,” she told HelloBeautiful in an exclusive interview.

“Every doctor I visited told me that my skin was too dark for treatments and prescribed a harsh steroid cream and well wishes. This quickly frustrated me as I knew that those options weren’t healthy or sustainable. I also knew that I couldn’t afford a beauty haul of over-the-counter products that weren’t guaranteed to work or a spa treatment that would have soothed my nerves more than my wounds.”

With no help from her doctors, Tiffany decided to take matters into her own hands. She began studying herbalism, and put more intentions behind her baths. “I took a bath every day for 3 months and began to make food-based remedies in my kitchen. My bath time quickly became a space for fluid meditation and physical and emotional healing. Over time, I completely healed my skin, I learned to love myself as a black queer woman, and I received a spiritual lifeline that continues to sustain me.”

Bathe Brand

Source: Bathe Brand / Tiffany Brown

As a Black-owned, Queer-owned business, Tiffany has encountered the expected highs and lows. “Being a black queer woman in business is fulfilling and magical. I am proud to be fully living my truth as I accomplish my goals and I wouldn’t trade this existence for anything,” Tiffany said.

“However, there are times when being a black queer woman in the beauty business can feel taboo. There are aspects of the beauty market that still play toward the white gaze and industry circles that are hyper heteronormative. I feel a personal responsibility to carve out space for myself and others like me within the beauty space because we deserve the same equity, visibility, and resources that are so freely given to straight, white, cisgendered men and women,” she continued.

Like most entrepreneurs, Tiffany launched Bathe Brand with her personal funds. She also felt the blow that most Black-owned, women-owned businesses encounter when it comes to soliciting funding, mentorship, and resources. Once she shifted her mindset from securing funds to serving her community, things began to change.

“Bathe Brand is more than a body care line. It’s an invitation to get in touch with the self and facilitate healing. I knew that there were people like me in need of a ritual to help begin their self love journey and find their way back to themselves so I put my energy there.”

Tiffany is looking to occupy the wellness space in a powerful way. Bathe Brand is more than just intentionally cleansing your body. “We create intentional bathing rituals to ease your mind, heal your body, and nourish your spirit,” she exclaimed.

“We are working on free monthly programming for our customers and followers. Self care is a lifestyle and we want to provide a safe space for people to check in and feel supported. The programming will include weekend  yoga and movement, breathwork, talks, and exciting sessions that cultivate a sense of calm, unity, and belonging. Everyone deserves to feel loved and lifted and we plan to do our part for our community.”

Learn more about the brand that brings mindfulness to your bath-time routine, by visiting Stay up to date on new products by following their Instagram page @bathebrand.


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