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I have never been so excited in my life because I got to interview Santa Clause on CNN yesterday.

And you know he’s busy this time of years, so it was a double honor.

Did you know Santa has a nickname?

It’s not the one you think.

It’s not Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Santa Dee told me he stumbled into role a few years ago after taking an insurance sales class to renew his license.

He says the man teaching the course had been playing the role for a long time and the man’s phone kept ringing, nonstop throughout the course.

The man confided in Dee that it was a lucrative business which garnered him nearly $30,000 per year in extra income.

The man then told Dee that Black Santa’s were in demand.

Well Dee happened to have a gray beard.

And the rest is history.

From May to November he says he pulls the red out for the role and he fell in love with the job, not the money.

Santa Dee says kids don’t see color until older people teach them about it.

Santa Dee says that while there are more white Santa’s out there, black Santa’s are in full demand because there are so few out there who do the job.

So, black Santa’s, get on it.

America’s children, of all colors, need you.

Ho, ho, ho, says Don Lemon from the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Merry Christmas!

Don Lemon: Santa Clause Is A Black Man  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com