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Kenwoods Heritage Glen Cleaners

Source: Kenwoods Heritage Glen Cleaners

101.5 The BUZZ and Walker Funeral Home Presents The Black Business Spotlight

This month we are shining the spotlight on Dion Jackson, owner of Kenwoods Heritage Glen Cleaners.

Mr. Jackson started out merely working at Heritage Glen Dry Cleaners part-time in 2017.  Then one day Mr. Jackson decided to buy the cleaners, which also happened to be the day before his wedding day, as a surprise and new venture from him and his bridge-to-be.  His wife has been very supportive in helping the business grow.

Dion Jackson has always had a desire to own his own business since the age of 13.  He first took interest in dry cleaning during his senior year of high school when he took up fabric services as a block class at West High, where students were taught trades.  As Mr. Jackson approached adulthood, he used his trade as a source of income until a better employment opportunity arose.  He has worked at various dry cleaners throughout the Cincinnati area and is well known by many owners as having a “take charge” attitude.  Dion spent his time observing, listening, learning and inserting himself where he could in order to learn the dry cleaning business.

Dion Jackson of Kenwood Heritage Glen Dry Cleaners, 101.5 The BUZZ and Walker Funeral Homes congratulate you once again on being nominated and selected as this months Black Business Spotlight.

Black Business Spotlight: Dion Jackson – Kenwoods Heritage Glen Cleaners  was originally published on thebuzzcincy.com