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We can now say the voting in the 2016 election is officially underway.

Why?  Because (you know what) got real at 12:00 this morning.

That’s when the first votes were cast and counted in the New Hampshire Primary.

In the small New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch, where there are only 9 registered voters, here are the results:

“On the Republican side we have for Donald J. Trump 2.  For John R. Kasich we have 3. 3 Kasich.  On the Democratic side, we have 4 votes cast for Bernie Sanders.  None for Hillary.  That’s it.”

Sorry Hillary, no votes for you.

Bernie Sanders shut out Clinton 4 – zip.

John Kasich trumps Trump 3 to 2.

Dixville Notch is not a big deal for official election results, however they have predicted the right nominee on the Republican side a few years now.

They were even right about Barack Obama.

Which brings me to the broader statewide race in New Hampshire.

It could be a harbinger of things to come on both sides, especially the Democratic side and Hillary Clinton.

She’s lags Sanders by double digits.

Her support among young women is flailing.

Former Minnesota Governor Jennifer Granholm explained why last night on my CNN show.

Lemon- “Why do you think so many young women are supporting Bernie Sanders?

Grandholm- “You know it’s the question right for those of us who are supporting Hillary, especially in my generation, people are wondering what’s going on there that’s it’s not that important.  And I think young women will say it’s all about policy.  It’s not about the symbol of having a woman as president.  Hillary Clinton would say don’t vote for me because I’m a woman, vote for me because I share your values, I got policies, I got experience, you know I happen to be a woman.”

But Grandholm says that even though young women may not have experienced sexism in the same ways as someone from her or even Clinton’s generations, they should really consider how hard older women have worked so they could have the privilege of even having a woman as a choice on a presidential ticket.

“The thing that kills us in my generation is we worked so hard to be able to have the privilege to pull the lever for a woman who’s values we share, and who’s shared our experience and is the most experienced person to ever run for president and she happens to be a woman and we’ve worked so hard for our daughters to be able to do that.”

Still, Clinton and her camp have to walk a fine line of educating young women of what came before them while not appearing to be condescending.

Bernie Sanders has to be careful about overpromising on policies that appeal to young women, like free college education and free healthcare, with no clear plan on how to deliver any of it.

Like Bernie Sanders, on the Republican side, Donald Trump leads New Hampshire by double digits.

It is do or die for him since he lost to Ted Cruz in the Iowa Caucuses.

Trump has to be careful not to be overconfident like in his rally last night where he repeated a comment from someone in his crowd who called Jeb Bush a vulgar word used to describe a woman’s body part.



“She just said a terrible thing.  You know what she said?  Shout it out cause I don’t wanna sa.. ha.. You’re not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again.  She said, I never expect to hear that from you again.  She said he’s a p**sy.  That’s terrible, terrible.. (applause)

New Hampshire is a unique place.

They’re very open-minded, but at this point, be careful.

Pushing the limits could push voters towards a different candidate.

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