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This week I’m crowing Flordia this week for their participation in the “Devious Lick Challenge”.

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Source: KiddNation / Kidd Nation

The “Devious Lick challenge” is a nationwide social media trend that’s encouraging kids to commit crimes and then post them online: Kids are destroying property inside of businesses,  and even in schools. The destruction is forcing schools and businesses to close.

Kids are taking property of the school and bragging about their activities on TikTok. They think it’s fun but it’s serious and school administrators have stated that students will be suspended and charges will be filed if they are caught.

In a Facebook post, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated, “Social media challenges are almost always a bad idea — people get hurt, people break the law, and those people end up going to the hospital or jail.”

Southwest Florida students cost the district thousands of dollars, 12 middles schools and 9 high schools. Kids were ripping out sinks from the wall, taking lockers from the school and even stealing toilets from the bathroom.

A 15-year- old student was arrested for  his particppation in destroying boys’ restroom on school campus.

Since when did stealing and vandalizing public property on camera become something cool to do?

Learn more about this challenge below:

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