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Known dumpster diver Tik Toker expose Whole Foods for their food waste. The Tik Toker, posted a video showing the foods that had been thrown away. She was recently inspired by another Tik Toker  that took a dumpster dive. According to @decepticonmmunist Tik Tok post she has been instructed to throw away products from Whole Foods. The video she posted received over 43 thousands likes.

The video showed bread, bagels, pita and other baked goods being thrown away. She stated that this is small percentage of what they normally throw away on a daily and these item come specifically from the bakery. This is happening because a lot of items are purchased to make the shelves look full, and what isn’t purchased is thrown away.

Homelessness is a huge problem in America. However, because Whole Food does not have anyone to come pick up the food there is no way to donate it to the homeless. This is very unfortunate that Whole Food are wasting food that not expired and is in perfect condition.

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