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black crime matters

Source: reddit / iOne Digital

In today’s episode of Wait, Supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse Aren’t Racist, Are They? a white man who doesn’t appear to be very fond of the negroes was captured in viral video standing with a protest sign outside of Kenosha County Courthouse as the jury deliberated on whether Rittenhouse is guilty of murdering two people and attempting to murder a third, according to the Daily Dot.

So, if you were to guess what was written on this white man’s sign, what would your guess be?

“Free my n****a Kyle?” “It’s not murder if your mommy dropped you off?” “We want a Call of Duty: Kenosha game and we want it now?” “Raisins go in EVERYTHING?” “My body, my choice not to use a washcloth?”

All of these are very good guesses, but none of them are correct. Instead, this white man stood outside of the courthouse during a white man’s murder trial to raise awareness of *checks notes* Black criminals.

“Black crime matters,” read the sign this curdled mayosapien was holding. Not only was he holding up a racist sign that had literally nothing to do with Rittenhouse’s case as neither he nor any of his victims were Black, but he was caught on camera explaining why he thinks it should be OK for white people to use the n-word.


The white man—who hasn’t been identified, so for now, I’m just going to call him Klanny from the Block, or maybe Nazi Ned, or DJ MAGA Massa’ Melanin-envy—made the very generic argument that if Black people can say it, people who think stomping around in a rain puddle counts as a bath should be able to say it too.

He invoked the names of Black comedians Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle and former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson in citing examples of Black people who use the word all the time.

“Why is it that depending on your race, you can say the word?” discount David Duke asked.

People in the crowd tried to explain to Grand Wizard Gandalf that the history of white people using the word changes its connotation, but he rejected the idea that the word is a “weapon” when passing through the pasty-white remnants of non-existent lips.

“So if you hear the word and somebody’s around the corner, do you have to look and see who the person was that said it and find out if it was a weapon and find out if you’re hurt?” he asked rhetorically. “C’mon!”

Then Spiceless Spencer reached to the peak of Mt. Caucasity to paraphrase Bill Cosby and his declaration that Black people should stop hitting their kids and calling each other the n-word, which was in reference to his infamous 2004 “pound cake” speech. KK-Kent bringing up Cosby and his speech is funny for two reasons: First, because he just spent all that time explaining why the use of the n-word should be OK for white people to use and then pivoted to whitesplaining why Black people shouldn’t use it. Secondly, while Cosby was delivering his cringy, judgemental, anti-Black speech, he had been accused of spending much of his adult life drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women. Maybe Cosby isn’t the guy to cite as a pillar of Black morality.

At the end of the day, we have a clearly racist white man holding up a clearly racist (and irrelevant) sign while asking why the n-word is only deemed racist when white people use it. He’s literally the answer to his own question.

Somebody please get Slush Limaugh TF out of here with this white nonsense.


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