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Cardi B. has access to the best hairstylists the entertainment world has to offer. Unfortunately on New Year’s Eve, she went with someone who’s artistry didn’t meet her standards. In a video posted to her stories and captured by Hollywood Unlocked, the WAP rapper expressed her disdain for her latest wig, done by an unnamed stylist.

In the video, Cardi is clearly pissed off. “I be feeling like they be on some, ‘I don’t like this b*tch so imma do some funny sh*t,’” she exclaimed. “Look at my f*ckin hair, bro. This sh*t look like a f*cking helmet… Ain’t no f*ckin way a hairstylist doing hair like this,” she continued.

“If the New Year start bad, that means good sh*t gonna happen,” she said in efforts to turn her mood around. “I’m gonna enjoy myself though because on my mother, I could’ve really killed that n*gga today. Deadass.”

First of all Cardi, say you’re from New York without saying you’re from New York. All she needed was a pair of Timberland boots and a North Face jacket and she’d be a walking NYC stereotype. Gotta love her. Secondly, the wig didn’t look that bad, but what do I know?

Still unhappy about her hair, Cardi took to Twitter to ask if she can repurpose her outfit since she didn’t take any good pictures of herself. “The dress deserves Justice,” she wrote. I agree!

On her social media page, she posted a picture of herself and her mini me, Kulture. Cardi looks like she’s wearing the same wig from the night before, but judging by her reaction to it, she won’t be wearing it for long.

Cardi didn’t blast the hairstylist who did her hair, but I’m positive they left that appointment knowing she was unsatisfied. What do you think? Did her stylist do a bad job?


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