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One thing to know about right-wingers is that their claims that they are advocates for free speech are as fraudulent as their understanding of what Critical Race Theory actually is. In fact, one needn’t look any further than the propaganda-driven conservative war on CRT to understand that, despite how they purport themselves to be the anti-snowflakes, their MAGA-Klan members are the most delicate, easily-triggered people in America, and their method of camouflaging their sensitivity is to ban any content that makes them uncomfortable into oblivion. (So, systemic racism, feminism, gender fluidity, sexuality, non-Christian religions, police brutality/misconduct, any historical teachings that make America look bad *gestures towards virtually all of American history*, culturally Black things, science, public health measures, kneeling during the national anthem, white people jokes, “Happy Holidays,” Kwanza, etc.)

Anything that gets conservatives’ tighty-righty-whities in a bunch they want banned from the classroom, the libraries and, apparently, the right-wing social media platforms that pretend they’re all about protecting free speech.

According to the Daily Beast, former Blaze TV host Jon Miller, who is Black and considered to be a conservative commentator (I mean, he Blaze TV is basically Fox News’ bastard child it only claims during tax season, so that checks out), was recently banned from the GETTR social media app.

Now, before we get into why Miller got the boot, I’m sure many of you have an obvious question: What the hell is GETTR?

Well, apparently the social media app founded by former Trump advisor and Newsmax contributor Jason Miller (No relation to Jon) is a digital gathering place for MAGA-mutts, QMorons, anti-vaxxers, COVID conspiracy theorists and white people who think “skipping leg day” refers to showers. The site describes itself as a “social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture.’” It’s a site that has been championed by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she got banned from Twitter for continuing to spread COVID-19 misinformation she got from the YouTube-ologists she trusts with all her public health concerns.

Basically, conservatives have convinced themselves that they’re the only ones who get suspended or banned from Twitter and Facebook because their persecution complex has a persecution complex, so they create their own social media alternatives so they can live free and bigoted and spread all the dangerous misinformation they want.

But they’ll still ban you if you’re not saying what they want to hear—which brings us back to Miller (the Black one).

“The ‘free speech’ frauds at @GETTRofficial have suspended me for no reason,” Miller tweeted Tuesday. “I didn’t even use it. I had no posts. Guess I was too critical of them for suspending others? What does it say when the 1st platform to ban me is the one that sells itself as the free speech alternative?”

Ebony Bowden, GETTR’s global communications director, responded to Miller by calling him a “liar” and explaining that he “did use our platform, and you included the N-word in your profile, a clear violation of our terms of service.” She went on to say that “GETTR does defend free speech but we’ve got no room for racial slurs. Bye.”

Miller responded: “Wow a black man can’t even refer to his own people freely if it makes a patronizing white woman mad! We ADOPTED that word as a term of ENDEARMENT because of racist Democrats (slave owners) like you.”

And this, my friends, is why I included “culturally Black things” among the subjects that will get one banned by the fake free speech warriors on the right. Miller is mostly correct (well not about the Democrats being the exclusive party of slavery and white racism—that was just standard Republican ahistorical nonsense that ignores Southern strategy and pretends party affiliation has anything to do with overall white supremacy).

There is a cultural context for the way Black people use the n-word. It isn’t always used as a term of endearment, but it often is, and, at any rate, it isn’t a racial slur in the context we use it in among each other. 

White people, of course, know this, but it makes them uncomfortable (especially since they can’t say it as freely) so Miller had to Gettr the hell away from GETTR.

Of course, it’s possible that the platform’s zero-tolerance approach to anything it considers a slur has to do with the site constantly having to ban racist white nationalists.

I mean, who would’ve thought that a MAGA-humping, right-wing digital circle-jerk of a website might attract bigots and white supremacists, amirite?


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