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Even though we’re just entering the New Year, that doesn’t slow down the news media and 10 days into 2023, there have been plenty of headlines we need to be aware of, so the one and only Jeff Johnson joined the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to break down the three things we need to know about going on today (January 10th).

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From the latest surround President Biden having classified documents in his personal office, Prince Harry’s book that continues to make headlines, and why it’s time we reconsider the death penalty in the criminal justice system.


Catch up on everything going on in today’s news cycle and more!



Biden Lawyers Found Classified Documents at His Former Office

Jeff Johnson: What a story that I’m finding really interesting is is this story about President Biden having classified documents in his personal office and this is something that that is just now being investigated so there’s no. There’s no charges coming. There’s not details even about the documents themselves, but the reality is these were documents that supposedly came from when he was vice president and were found in a personal office. And and I, I just I. What’s interesting to me, Rick is that. I just think it’s interesting that we are surprised that any of these folks don’t take documents. I mean, when you’re when you have this level of I, I know that the protocol is you were supposed to relinquish all documents that are classified to a certain level. Once you no longer are serving in office. But people who have been in office as long as Biden have been in office and the level of security clearance that they’ve had. I’m I’m just not surprised by this. I think what’s going to be interesting is what the attorney general ultimately decides to do, and he’s asked for one of the folks from the Department of Justice to start the investigation.


Prince Harry ‘Spare’ Memoir Released, Seeking Change In Royal Family


Jeff Johnson: Prince Harry book that is just it that comes out today. It’s supposed to be just filled with a whole lot of just. Straight up. Tea about the royal family about how he feels about his brother. He calls his brother his arch enemy. He teases him about his early balding. I mean he goes in in a real way about stuff that that one he believes is is kind of hitting back. From his family attacking him, but I don’t know Rick. At some point it’s just it. It just seems like it’s about money. Because you if if you told your side of the story with Oprah, you told your side of the story and in this Netflix documentary you told your side of the story. With these other interviews, how much more the story you got to tell before this just becomes about. Yeah, let me get this bag and I’m. Not mad if. If he wants to get the bag, but. It it? It’s crazy when you see this kind of media hype around someone that is. Little legitimately positioning themselves as a victim of this monarchy, but at the same time is incredibly privileged himself, and so you know with with all that is happening in the world, it it’s going to be interesting to me to see if at some point this doesn’t start being, falling back on him in a negative. 


Leonard Taylor Scheduled For Feb. 7 Execution in Missouri; Claims Innocence

Jeff Johnson: There is this interesting story about a brother who is is set to be executed on February 7th. Leonard S Taylor was sentenced to death in a quadruple murder. In 2004 But now there are witnesses, Rick, that are saying that he was 1800 miles away. From the murder. And so it’s going to be I. I think that there is potentially going to be a. Stay of execution. Which doesn’t mean that he won’t be executed. But it does mean that he may not be executed on February 7th and I Rick I’m just going to play one. I think the death penalty. I don’t think the. Death penalty makes sense in a criminal justice system. That one shows how much corruption it has and how many things it gets wrong. I understand how families feel when somebody’s been murdered and and they want an eye for eye, but we just we just live in a we just live in a country that gets it wrong too much for that kind of finality to be something that we feel comfortable administering.

And so you know, I’m for life in jail if if if you deserve it, but I just. I think we got to get to a place where we where we just get rid of the death penalty. This country, because we don’t. We don’t get. We don’t get small cases right and they’re just too much corruption, too much DNA, evidence that comes back years later that says they got the wrong person for us to think that death. The death penalty should be a viable option, let alone the fact that I just. I continue to believe that it’s inhumane. We’ll see more importantly, what happens for Brother Taylor, and we should know in the coming days whether there’ll be a stay of execution or whether he will actually be executed on February 7th. 



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