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After a week hiatus Scandal came back with a vengeance and there was a lot happening in the Capitol. Catching up with Olivia and the gang proved to be a rousing dark twisty mess, check out what you missed after the jump!

Sally Langston for President? Doubtful. Even with the second best campaign manager in Washington helping her out, she’s got too many negatives against her to even dream of winning. When said manager tells her she must rid herself of the belief against abortion the inner turmoil she faces is palpable. But even after she decides she can do it, it’s the conversation she has with Fitz that lets us know she’d never make it into the Oval. Announcing her resignation as a move she made due to his advice he kindly lets her know that winning is out of her reach and she should forget about it. Like the bug she is Sally refuses to die and tells the president she’ll meet him on podium. That is if she can get through the trap laid for her by Mellie and Cyrus.

UP NEXT: Cyrus In Peril…

“Scandal” [RECAP]: Monster Mama!  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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