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Continuously forcing James to walk the plank in their marriage and using him as a pawn in all his schemes, Cyrus Beene has seriously taken his plot too far. Setting up an interview between he and Vice President Sally Langston’s husband’s he hoped James would act on his emotions after being betrayed again and sure enough he fell right into the trap. Sleeping with Daniel Douglas and unknowingly being photographed by his husband, James thinks he’s finally beaten Cyrus at his own game. After dropping hints the entire episode alluding to his moment with Mr. VP Cyrus finally lets him in on a little secret, he already knew. This is when we finally see James show some gusto and let Cyrus know he wants a divorce. Sad to say, his request was met with the a speedy, “Shut up!” and the mention of photos. Once again James is stuck serving as his husband’s convenient toy with no power.

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