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The saying goes not to bite the hand that feeds you and for some time now Quinn has been nibbling away. It seems enough was enough for Huck once Quinn betrayed Olivia and found herself working for B613. Shonda takes us deeper inside Huck’s terrorized mind as he talks lovingly to his next victim about how he’s going to hurt her badly even though she’s family. When Huck licks Quinn’s face I think we all realized just how sick he may be deep down inside, but as usual with Shondaland things are not always what they seem. Though Huck successfully pulls out Quinn’s teeth she is saved heroically by her creep of a boyfriend, Huck’s nemesis and Rowan’s right hand man, Charlie. Who comes to her rescue hoping that she will be able to assist Command in finding Olivia and the Associates before they set her mother free. Only time will tell which team Baby Huck’s allegiance is pledged to but for now she’s still toeing the line.

UP NEXT: Who Really Needs Protecting?

“Scandal” [RECAP]: Monster Mama!  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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