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We’ve all been made to believe that Olivia has been in dire need of a security team with a father like Rowan yet after her mother shows up unexpectedly to her apartment and the details start to surface of her captivity we find that perhaps he isn’t as vicious as we thought. According to Mama Pope, Rowan has been holding her hostage because she was going to out him and his line of work to the authorities and she’s been locked up for twenty-two years telling herself stories of who Olivia is. This puts the gang right to work on trying to get her free from the watchful eye and killing hand of Command but problems arise quickly. After finding out that she needed to escape, Jake decides the team could use some presidential assistance. Here we are again watching Fitz and Jake vy for the chance to save Olivia’s day and once again Jake comes up short. Capping the conversation with, “You don’t want to be a hero, you want to be HER hero.” Which we all know is no one’s job but Mr. Grant’s. While everyone tries to find some way to get mother dearest shipped off to a safe country we spy a little bit more into Harrison’s life when a stranger who provides government ID fakes calls him “H” and mentions the person that has him wiggling like the hyenas when they heard Mufasa. With all the pieces into to place the team faces a glitch when they realize Ms. Maya Pope has been placed on the no fly list. It’s then that Liv finally decides to call her knight in a shining blue suit to get some advice. Of nothing makes him move faster than the sounds of a lip quiver and he dispatches a plane for the excavation of her mother. All’s well that ends well, right? Not quite. The flashbacks from the day of her disappearance continue to reveal more about what really happened. The phone call she was on prior to her departure and even the call that came after from these small minor details Olivia is able to piece together that her mother isn’t exactly who she claims to be. Though should we be shocked that a woman who ate through her own arm may not have any secrets?!

UP NEXT: Sneaky Terrorist, Dead Hubby’s, and Quinn Fights Back

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