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Thanks to all of our new Facebook family who recently liked our new page. It hasn’t been a full year yet but it’s wonderful seeing so many sharing and commenting on our advice segment. Feel free to inbox us with your scenarios you’d like to share. All first timers are welcomed to call in at 844-258-8762 tonight with your advice for this couple’s ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario‬:

Janelle 41 met Marcus 36 a few months after she divorced from her ex-husband. She has 3 children from her previous marriage and while Marcus has never been married, he has once child from a previous relationship. Janelle and Marcus decided to get married 1 year after meeting because they felt like soul mates, but Janelle is wondering if she made a mistake.

While things aren’t as bad as they were with the father of her kids, she feels like Marcus isn’t as nurturing to her kids as a husband should be. Janelle’s 14-year-old daughter recently had a birthday party at their home, and Marcus did not buy Janelle’s daughter anything. Marcus says he’s not the child’s father and shouldn’t be obligated to buy her anything for her birthday.

Janelle thinks it should be common sense that he buy each of their children something for their birthday since she does for his kid. Janelle now feels like she doesn’t want a man who is not willing to show her kids the same love he shows his own. Do you think Janelle is overreacting? Should Marcus have bought Janelle’s daughter a birthday present? What advice can you give to this blended family?

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