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In a relatively calm episode we finally see Kandi attempt to address the issues with her mother, the ladies try to take a relaxing vacay and Kenya goes too far…again. Find out what happen last night with the girls after the jump…

Kandi Talks Mama Issues With Cynthia

Knowing that if anyone would understand and sympathize with the fiasco with her mother, Kandi confided in Cynthia after what went down at her wedding gown shopping trip. As she shared the story of the Old Lady Gang verbally attacking Carmon, Cynthia all but threw herself over the two-foot balcony they were seated on. Through tears and teeth Kandi wept about her mother’s incessant desire to ruin her relationships with her friend and her future husband. In the end Cynthia told her she would need to check her mother or face never been able to have a real go at love. Yes Kandi, your mother will always be your mom but it’s time for you to be a grown up and let her know; enough is enough.

Mama Joyce Pays Phaedra A Visit

The drama continues as Mama Joyce continues on her quest to get Kandi to leave Todd standing alone. Leaving no stone unturned she headed to Phaedra’s office to get some clarity on why she set up Kandi with Todd in the first place. Telling Ms. Parks that Todd refused to sign a prenup just to stir the pot. Even after Phaedra said that she agreed with Kandi and felt Todd was “the one” too, Joyce the Bully said she wanted to choke her. If we didn’t think that it could get any crazier Kandi’s mother ensures that we are shocked every week by her behavior. Atlanta is running scared of a mama on the loose in mules and it needs to come to an end.

 Porsha Fails At A Budgeted Life

The biggest thing to change in Porsha’s life post Kordell is most certainly the length of her money and the poor thing still trying to live life in the rich lane. Hiring a stylist to help her prepare for her trip to Savannah and trying to try on shoes that are clearly more than one month’s alimony check, she has yet to face the facts that Kordell took his money in the divorce too. This pretty little princess is going to have to grasp that it may be time for her to get a job if she wants to continue living the life she became accustomed to.

Kenya Is Gone Off The Deep End Annoying

Last week Nene invited the girls to go on a relaxing trip to Savannah where they could bond and just hang out with one another. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and clearly they foresaw this trip when they did. Nene kindly planned a light breakfast departure for the ladies and these divas couldn’t bother with being timely. Just like the last time Nene extended her hand these girls showed up in their time without any regard for their tardiness. What made matters worse was Kenya deciding to air her grievances with the group as they boarded the bus. Choosing to yell and cause a scene as opposed to explaining to them what their host had planned. As Nene, Cynthia, and Nene’s friend Mynique sat quiet, Ms. Moore went on and on about how she doesn’t wait for people and because she was forced to wait she would be receiving the best accommodations once they reached the destination. Finally after being hollered at for nearly twenty minutes Kandi had enough and told Kenya to sit her stallion booty down. Safe to say for a weekend supposedly about rest and relaxation, there was a lot of tension in the air. Tune in next week to see how the trip turned out!

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