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Candace Owens has long been a divisive character in conservative media. Known for making ridiculous statements on race and politics. Her latest remarks about the death of Jordan Neely. A homeless man killed on a New York City subway train, have recently sparked a new round of criticism. Owens has stated that she has “no sympathy” for Neely and has advocated for the reintroduction of insane asylums in the United States. Many have accused Owens of being anti-Black (and rightfully, so) because of her comments.

Let’s examine past remarks that have earned Owens a reputation as an infuriating and polarizing commentator, highlighting some of the most insane and disturbing instances of her controversial views on Black people.


Owens Announces Upcoming Documentary Where She Intends to “expose” BLM as a Scam.


Days after being spotted wearing one of Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirts. Candace Owens announced that she would be launching a documentary aimed at “exposing” Black Lives Matter as a scam. In response, a popular Black commentator on Twitter pointed out the irony of Owens claiming that white people who support BLM are privileged. Given her own history of denying white privilege. Owens is likely producing the documentary to appeal to her white conservative audience, rather than genuinely wanting to protect Black people from any perceived BLM scam.

Candace Owens Demands Apologies from “Black America”: “I Will Accept Them,” She Says

Candace Owens made controversial comments on Twitter, claiming that “Black America” owes her an apology for not heeding her alleged advice on immigration at the southern border. Owens argues, without proof, that Democrats have “imported new voters” who will render Black voters “irrelevant.” Owens’ comments have been widely criticized, with many pointing out the lack of logic and credibility behind her claims.

She Suggests Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks In The Back Was ‘Unjustly’ Fired

Owens has questioned why George Floyd has been made a “martyr,” threatened to start a fundraiser for fired cop Rolfe. Accused Black Lives Matter of supporting criminals, and accused Ahmaud Arbery of breaking into a property. Then suggested he was a criminal when he was shot by Gregory and Travis McMichael. Owens has also accused Floyd of having drugs when he was arrested and defended Amy Cooper, also known as Central Park Karen.

Candace Owens Defends Central Park Karen Who Called Cops

Candace Owens has received heavy criticism, including from Black conservatives, after defending the white woman who called the police on a Black bird-watcher in Central Park. The incident, which was recorded and shared on social media, showed Amy Cooper calling the police on Christian Cooper. Candace Owens defended Amy on Twitter, arguing that the incident was not about race and that calling the police was justifiable. However, her comments ignored the historical and present-day context of the incident.

Candace Owens Spews ‘Hateful’ Comments About Ahmaud Arbery

Candace Owens gets ridiculed for her comments about Ahmaud Arbery, the Black man who was killed while jogging by two white men. Owens has been accused of relentlessly criminalizing Arbery. Blaming Arbey for his own death by accusing him of breaking into a property. While also questioning whether he was really jogging. However, Owens’ hateful comments about Arbery were apparently the final straw for some of her followers.

Candace Owens Claims Black America Has Turned Its Back On ‘Intellectual Heroes’ Like Ben Carson

Candace Owens, sat-down in an interview with Ben Carson where she claimed that Black America has turned its back on “intellectual heroes” like Carson. Owens has a history of supporting Republicans who have made racist comments, including Carson, who has voiced support for Adolf Hitler and made disparaging remarks about Black women. However, these comments are nothing new.

Times Candace Owens Lied To Congress While Testifying About White Nationalism

Candace Owens testified before Congress, reiterating her beliefs that white nationalism and white supremacy pose no threat to black people. During her testimony before the House Oversight and National Security committees. Owens claimed that there are more significant issues affecting minority Americans than white nationalism. Those including law enforcement accountability, father absence from homes, fostering a culture that does not inspire masculinity, and black-on-black crime. However, these comments were based on incorrect facts and debunked myths. In her previous testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on white supremacy, she made similar remarks. As she spoke about hate speech and white nationalism, which received criticism across social media.

Candace Owens Blatantly Lies That Black Men In Baltimore Are ‘Leading’ In Rape

On Fox News, Owens stated that Baltimore leads in rape, which is not accurate. Owens was chastised on Twitter for propagating the idea of Black males as rapists. Owens’ argument is even more deadly since it reinforces the stereotype that has resulted in the deaths of Black males. However, despite having a high homicide rate, Baltimore is not among the top 50 metropolitan regions in the United States with the highest rape rate, according to This is just one of many heinous remarks Owens has made.

Candace Owens Attacks Colin Kaepernick’s Racial Identity

Owens tried to question Colin Kaepernick and Shaun King’s Blackness, which is consistent with her history of being an advocate for white supremacy. Owens believes that Black people with a white parent are less Black than others, which is ridiculous. Kaepernick has lost millions for speaking out against racism and King has dedicated his life to exposing stories that aren’t getting enough attention. Meanwhile, Owens has enriched herself by being a Black Trump supporter and has a history of making disgusting comments, such as blaming the mail bombs on Democrats and saying Hitler just wanted to “make Germany great again.”

Candace Owens’ Hateful Remarks On The Central Park 5

Candace Owens’ recent comments about Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” miniseries shows her proclivity for defending white supremacy and pandering to conservatives. She took to Twitter to claim that “blacks” were being emotionally manipulated. She also stated that “the Central Park 5 were NOT innocent,” despite being exonerated by the New York Supreme Court.


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