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Black TV dads like Michael Kyle (My Wife and Kids) and Randall (This Is Us) have taught us vaulable lessons about Black fatherhood. While Black dads sometimes get a bad wrap, these filmmakers, showrunners, and actors have been pivotal in showcasing various depictions of Black fatherhood over the years. Black TV dads tell the stories of single fathers, chosen fathers, and community father figures through beloved characters we’ve all fallen for thanks to their superior parenting skills.

These Black TV dads have pulled night shifts, sat courtside, shouted at school dances, and sped to police stations to protect and provide for their little ones. See seven television dads we have grown to love on the small screen below. 

O’Shea Jackson as Issac ‘Ike’ Edwards on “Swagger” 

O'Shea Jackson as Issac 'Ike' Edwards on "Swagger" 

Source: Apple TV+ / Swagger

Ike goes hard for his wife and baby girl like a real dad should. He also takes on the responsibility of fathering the children on his AAU team by setting an example for them, even taking one in when their biological father fails to parent them the way they deserve. The retired hooper deserves to feel like it’s Father’s Day every day. 

Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle on “My Wife and Kids” 

The 34th NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Source: Steve Grayson / Getty

Kyle stepped up to the plate after becoming a young dad, creating a shipping company, and giving his children the type of childhood he didn’t get to have. He made an effort to connect with each of his children by participating in their interests and went to wild lengths to try and protect them. 

Sterling K. Brown as Randall on “This Is Us” 

NBC's "This Is Us" Season 6 Red Carpet - Arrivals

Source: Araya Doheny / Getty

Randall loved each of the branches of his family tree dearly. He worked through his own issues to make sure that he could be present for them and nurtured their gifts constantly. There was nothing that he would not walk away from to be there for his three girls. 

Terry Crew as Julius Rock on “Everybody Hates Chris” 

The 37th Annual NAACP Image Awards - Press Room

Source: Malcolm Ali / Getty

Julius was so determined to take care of his family that he held down two jobs! He and his duct tape were there to hold down the fort, no matter what the family needed. He was a constant lecturer and a penny pincher, but there was no shortage of love in his heart. 

Coby Bell as Jason Pitts on “The Game” 

CW?s All Star Celebration Party

Source: Michael Caulfield / Getty

Yes, he was a trash husband, but he did not play about that little girl. When it came to Brittney Pitts, Jason was going to step up to the plate each and every time. He was throwing hands and filing lawsuits to make sure his baby girl remained safe and sound. No matter how out of control she was, he was going to stick beside her. 

Adrian Holmes as Phillip Banks on “Bel-Air” 

Bel-Air - Season 1

Source: Peacock / Getty

The Alpha Phi Alpha man exhibits “scholarship, fellowship, good character, and the uplifting of humanity” by honoring his commitment to his children. He stands for what is right even when it leads to personal loss and encourages the children in his care. 

Flex Alexander as Mark ‘Flex’ Washington

34th NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Source: Steve Grayson / Getty

Flex was willing to upend his life to give his co-parent a chance at professional advancement. He was also one of the first parents on television to institute the “no questions asked pickup policy,” proving to his child and her friends that he care more about their safety than controlling them. That is top-tier parenting. 


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