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Jennifer Hudson is heavy on the hustle these days. The Oscar-winning actress has added talk show host to her extensive resume and is eagerly diving into her sophomore year in the industry. Hudson recently sat down with REAL SIMPLE for an exclusive interview about managing her busy schedule, motherhood, and creating time and space for herself.

Jennifer Hudson On Making Space for Self

Jennifer Hudson seems to have it all. She’s an award-winning actress, a brilliant singer, a devoted mother, and a budding talk show host. From the outside looking in, she’s living a dream. And if asked how she’s managing it all, she will probably tell you she’s not. Hudson admitted in the September issue of REAL SIMPLE that she falls short when creating time and space for herself. “I got this big old house, but the only space I have in it is my bedroom. That’s like life: We give so much to everybody that we end up, as women and mothers, in a little corner of our own lives. Why not give ourselves space, grace, compassion, and consideration? That’s something I’m working on. I’m always trying to get better at life,” confessed Hudson.

Even if she only has a small window for self-care activities, the “Spotlight” singer tries to fill it with memorable moments with her son, David. They take “David walks” in the morning and walk to Starbucks. The talk show host says it helps her to be more present and capture precious moments.


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Clearly, Jennifer Hudson could teach a master class on balancing it all if she chose, but she remains humble as ever. While she is perfecting self-care, she has one thing down for sure, motherhood — which she says is even more of a challenge because she’s raining a Black son. She’s the mom of a whole teenage David Daniel Otunga, Jr.

“My son goes to a predominantly white school and he has giant hair, a whole afro. And he loves to walk in there with the big old ‘fro and the pick in his hair. And I’m like, ‘Do you realize the statement you’re making? Know that just wearing your hair like that is a statement alone.’ He’s very rooted in who he is and okay with that. I didn’t grow up like that.” “It’s a completely different time. And being a mom of a black son, there are certain things you have to make him conscious of and aware of. And who he is within the world. And there’s so many layers he has to learn, but now he’s at an age where he can fully understand it. And he’s so evolved beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Hudson is in full grind mode as her talk show “The Jennifer Hudson Show” comes up on its second season. With all the multihyphenate has going on, it’s challenging for her to find the time to delve into herself, but she hopes to do so soon. “One of my birthday wishes, when I turned 40, was to have a one week off. I’m still waiting for that and I’m about to be 42,” acknowledged Hudson.

The September issue of REAL SIMPLE is on sale August 18. Click here to read the entire article.


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