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If you live near Avon Lake in Northeast Ohio then you may be smelling something that seems a little unusual today.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And no, you’re not imagining it.

FOX 8 is reporting that the strange smell can actually be traced back to a chemical plant on Moore Road. The exact company, according to a social media post from the City Of Avon Lake Fire Department, is Lubrizol Advanced Materials.

From FOX 8:

Officials explain in the post, that the company had a gasket leak which caused a vapor, identified as ethyl acetate, to be released into the air.

Officials said the product has an “extremely low odor threshold. This means a small amount will create an odor.” According to the post, “the level of release was not significant enough to create any health hazard.”

It seems at this time the broken gasket has been repaired, so things should go back to normal soon.

To read the entire story from FOX 8, [click here].


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