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If you are struggling to keep your waistline snatched then you are just like all other humans in the world with two X chromosomes. Having an hourglass figure has been highly coveted by women since the beginning of time, however many new products and programs are selling lies to ladies everywhere.

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“Lose 10 inches off your waist in 10 days,” may sound like a wonderful quick solution, but if you want a little middle that will last, the only thing you should be doing quick is reading this.

It’s A Wrap For Waist Wraps

Body wraps have been around for ages. Claiming to assist in loss of body weight, loss of body fat, and loss of inches. However this is truly one of the oldest, most ridiculous scams in the book. Yet, people are still falling for it. So here’s the truth sis. First and foremost there is a huge difference between losing “fat” and losing “inches.” When your body fat decreases, your circumference measurements will usually also decrease, but again, “fat” loss and “inch” loss are not the same. With that said body wraps and waist belts do not shrink fat cells or burn body fat – no matter what type of wrap is used and regardless of what you are wrapped in. It doesn’t matter. Fat can only be lost with a caloric deficit from a reduction in food intake and an increase in activity. Yes wraps can definitely take off inches, but know this: it’s water weight and the results are definitely temporary. Those inches and/or water weight will come right back in days (if not hours) as soon as you re-hydrate. It ought to be a wrap for waist wraps because straight up, they are dangerous. You didn’t lose weight lady, you’re actually just dehydrated.

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