Contestants Fear Black History Questions On ‘Jeopardy’ & It’s Hilarious [VIDEO]

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Last night on “Jeopardy” (College Edition), one of the categories was “African-American History” and none of the three students picked said category, until there were literally no other categories left. The contestants powered through categories like, “International Cinema Showcase,” “Weather Verbs” and “Kiwi Fauna,” but stayed away from that pesky “African-American History” like it was the (drumroll please) Black Sheep of the show.

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Once the contestants had nothing else to choose from, they reluctantly picked “African-American History” and got three out of the five questions right. One of them was so simple, a 5th grader could have gotten it right:


It’s a good thing this college edition of “Jeopardy” didn’t use the viral “Ghetto Jeopardy” questions. Those college students would have never gotten any of them right. Yes, you read that right, “Ghetto Jeopardy.” It seems this Twitter account was started over President’s Day weekend, but according to reports, no one knows exactly why this account started, but one thing is for sure–it’s hilarious! The game resembles the traditional “Jeopardy” game, where the answer appears on a blue screen and contestants must supply the answer, responding to @RatchetJeopardy and using the hashtag #GhettoJeopardy. The questions are laced in Black/urban culture and poke fun at stereotypes and celebrities. Check out a few of them below.

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