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How many times have you slid your glasses into your purse without a case?

Whether you do this often or they accidentally fall out of your hands, scratches are inevitable. That’s heartbreaking if you’ve invested in designer sunnies or finally found a pair that look really good on you,


Step 1: Hold your glasses into the light, so you can visibly see the damage.

Step 2: Using a microfiber cloth, clean your sunglasses to get rid of any dust or dirt that may be on the surface.

Step 3: Squeeze a small amount of non-gel, non-whitening, non-abrasive (translation: no visible particles) toothpaste onto the tip of your finger.

Step 4: Distribute the toothpaste evenly on the lens, moving your fingers in a circular motion for approx. five minutes.

Step 5: Rinse the glasses in lukewarm water, making sure you rid any access toothpaste from the rim and the lens.

Step 6: Dry by dabbing a cotton ball along the lens and around the rim. Repeat steps 1-3 if the scratch has not improved. If there is a visible difference, repeat step 1 for added shine! 

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