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If it ain’t one L, it’s another for Bow Wow these days.

It seems as if the rapper enjoys being the butt of Internet jokes, so much so that he makes it easy for people to drag him. On Tuesday, the actor and rapper was put on blast after Instagramming a photo of a private jet, claiming that he was en route to New York— when in reality, a fan snapped a photo of him chilling on a commercial flight.

After being caught flexing for the gram, the Internet wasted no time going on in on the rapper:

In true Bow fashion, he defended his slip up by calling out all the people who can’t afford to fly private. He claimed someone had taken “an old picture to say where I was and wasn’t.” Moss also told fans to catch him at the Teterboro airport Wednesday as he headed back home, adding “Half y’all broke maf***as still can’t afford a buddy pass on spirit airlines. Stay out the big boy lane.”

Word to the wise Bow, act your wage, or the Internet will expose you.

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