We have bad news for beard brothers and pretty much anyone else with significant facial hair. In order to protect yourself during the #coronavirus outbreak, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention suggests a clean-shaven face may be the best way to go. Read More

Sony is currently pulling out of conventions left and right and not saying much about the PS5. Microsoft is doing the exact opposite. Today (Feb.24), the company revealed even more technical specs about its next-generation console, the Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer spilled some serious nerd tea about the Xbox Series X. We already knew […]

The health scare continues to impact certain countries.

On the heels of reports of hinting at Apple dropping a budget version of its popular AirPod Pro accessory, new listings hint at the company that Jobs built releasing an over-ear headphone possibly sometime this year. YouTuber Jon Prosser, shared his findings of a new Apple product appearing in Target’s database called the “Apple AirPods […]

It’s so many different germs and virus’s going around these days that everyone is afraid of getting sick. Between several strains of the flu, common colds, pneumonia, and the coronavirus, it seems like it’s almost unavoidable. It could also be very possible that some your own habits may cause you to get sick. Here are […]

Apple iPhone users might have laughed at Samsung’s new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, but it looks like the Korean tech giant will laughing all the way to the bank with its latest smartphone. When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip during its Unpacked event last week in San Francisco, we immediately thought the […]

The Coronavirus has be traveling around the globe and we have not quite found a solution for this epidemic. Almost over 2,000 deaths (1,800 to be exact) have fell victim of this terrible virus. One continent that this deadly virus might have on its radar next. You guessed right, Africa. The World Health Organization have […]

  The Coronavirus has now killed more than 810 people and 37,000 cases topping numbers from the SARS outbreak of 2002. SARS had an estimated 8,100 cases with 774 deaths. The health care system in Wuhan has been overwhelmed by new patients and diagnoses of the potentially deadly Coronavirus that surfaced in December 2019. Wuhan […]

This is great news! Those two students from Miami University that were tested for the coronavirus can breath a sigh of relief. The test results are negative! According to NBC4i.com, the director of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton said, “While we are pleased to announce these results are negative, we continue to […]

This story made me say what the fasho! A cruise ship was on lockdown when a passenger was struck down with a fever causing the entire ship to be locked down. This virus is getting pretty serious please be careful. Via (LoveBScott) 6,651 people have been locked in on a cruise ship in Italy after one […]

Would wearing a face mask really protect you from the coronavirus? There is a lot of hype around this new virus and people aren’t quite sure what to do to protect themselves. An expert on the subject gives her opinion on how to protect yourself and should you be wearing a mask or not. According […]

The man hospitalized in Indiana with the first U.S. case of a potentially fatal respiratory virus called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, is improving…