The Russ Parr Morning Show

Today's "Hot Spot" update with Da Brat starts off on a somber note as we report on the tragic death of Michael K. Williams, including news on Nicole Kidman's exit from a recent movie set and whether Jennifer Hudson would be a good fit to play Oprah in a biopic.

Can you relate to these phrases Special K is explaining? Don't forget to see him in Alabama at the StarDome Comedy Club!

Jeff Johnson shares things you should know about Elijah McClain and the new Texas gun laws.

Mr. Marcus Coleman, director for the Department of Homeland Security Partnerships Center and a FEMA spokesperson, explains why you should trust the organization to help those affected by Hurricane Ida.

Lizzo is causing major uproar with her opinions on "musical royalty." Hear her list and comment on who is on your music royalty list!

August alignment has come to an end, and counselor Yunetta Spring explains how staying in your own lane relates to being in alignment.

The week is starting off with a lot to discuss in today's "Front Page News" recap, with Eva Marcille handling the breaking news and Rock-T letting us know what's going down in sports.

Da Brat comes through once again for another delivery of today's hottest headlines in music for her "Hot Spot" recap, and let's just say Kanye, Flavor Flav, disgraceful R&B singer R. Kelly and a few others gave our girl a lot to talk about.

Rock-T's daughter Harmoni is going Harvard, and the morning show sends her prayers as she goes off to college.

Gary's latest gossip news centers on Rasheeda Faust giving Tiny Harris one of the greatest birthday gifts ever, Naomi Osaka's viral social media spat with Megyn Kelly, and Jeff Bezos giving out millions in charity dollars — hundreds of millions at that! — to Van Jones for him to use however.