Vice President Mike Pence landed in Columbus on Friday afternoon to talk to the city about tax reform. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Senator Rob Portman also spoke at Friday’s event. The Vice President boasted what the administration has done for the country and for the state of Ohio. He said the President’s tax […]

What posessed the legendary host and journalist to chastise a promising young artist with this “All Lives Matter” foolishness?

Understand his background Think of the sacrifices he’s made Put yourself in his shoes Accept there are things he won’t discuss Forcing closeness can cause distance Flip the focus Take an interest in his life Visit more Accept the interaction as it is Source Madamenoire  CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

The NBA recapped the craziest shots of the season — Don’t try these at home.

Black candidates in the 2018 primary season have broken through the glass ceiling in several races.

Twitter user @itsmeheidi_h put her art history degree to work for the timeline in this super-thorough breakdown.

African-American Southwest Airline employees at St. Louis Lambert International Airport filed complaints about workplace racism.

Black men, compared to white and Hispanic fathers, were the most involved in their children’s daily lives, according to a CDC report.

Whitney Houston…a name that is synonymous with Icon, legend, G.O.A.T. Whitney Houston was born into music royalty with her mother Chrissy Houston, cousins Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick along with godmother Aretha Franklin, many would agree that the New Jersey born singer was destined for greatness. Before becoming a solo star, Houston traveled with her […]

Dads have one job and they do it oh so well!

“I want to start with the people who are actually supporting me, have supported me and will actually put the content out there.”