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Today is National Good Samaritan Day! Here are 10 ways that you can be a good Samaritan to your community and the people around you.

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1. Pay a friends bill

Pay a friends bill

Do you have a friend or family member in need of some financial help? Whether the bill is big or small any amount can help a friends whose down on their luck.

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2. Volunteer at the local Boys & Girls Club

Volunteer at the local Boys & Girls Club

Pouring into a child’s life is a great way to be a Good Samaritan especially long term. A kid having someone to look up to, hang out and even confide in is always a help.

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3. Babysit for a friend

Babysit for a friend

Have a friend with kids who could seriously use a break? Step in and babysit on a Friday night to give your friend a break. They’ll be very happy that you jumped in.

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4. Help the elderly

Help the elderly

Know any elderly people? Have any in your neighborhood? They could always use a helping hand to get chores in and around their home. It’s also a great way to get to know them.

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5. Donations


Food, clothes, money and anything else that you can think are always a great way to give back and help someone in need.

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6. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Volunteer your time helping out at a homeless shelter. Shelters often times lack staff and would love anyone willing to jump in and help men, women and children who have no home.

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7. Donate Blood

Donate Blood

If you’re not squeamish about blood then donating it is another great way to be a Good Samaritan. Blood is always needed and someone’s who’s willing to give is much appreciated.

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8. Donate a kidney

Donate a kidney

If you don’t mind a operation and giving up a kidney then becoming a donor is another great way to help someone in need on a waiting list.

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9. Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness

Come up with a random of act of kindness like getting coffee for a friend unexpectedly and dropping it off to let them know how much you appreciate them.

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10. Use your talent or skill

Use your talent or skill

Maybe you’re good at speaking, photography or cooking. Whatever is that you may be good it can be used to help someone out.

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